Who is The Best Mobile Carrier for Your State?

mobile carrier for stateSo, you are looking for the best possible service for your smartphone but not sure which carrier to signup with. Well if you are, you’re not alone. The average consumer switches their network provider once every 48-months. The reasons for the switch vary, but most go elsewhere for a better deal, they looking for more value out of the coverage plans. One of the leading causes for finding a new provider, however, is the quality of service. People are getting frustrated by dropped calls, texts that can’t send, or having no connectivity.

If you are looking to your mobile phone switch carriers for better service, but are not sure where to go, relax. We have broken down the best carriers by state, simplifying your search. The results are based on the quality of six factors; calls, data, texts, speed, and reliability.

Alabama = While AT&T provides better texting service, Verizon beat them out in the remaining five categories.

Alaska = AT&T won three of the categories, tied in two, and was beaten by Verizon for service speed. However, AT&T comes out on top.

Arizona = Verizon beat out AT&T in five of the six categories.

Arkansas = While the winner and loser here are pretty close to the same thing, Verizon takes the prize. However, AT&T and Verizon tied in half of the categories.

California = Once again, Verizon dominates by leading the pack in five of the six categories.

Colorado = Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T tied for the quality of text service, but Verizon beat everyone in the remaining areas, making them the winner.

Connecticut = AT&T wins by leading the contenders in three areas and tying in two with Verizon.

Delaware = Verizon leads every other provider in all categories except for one, texting service.

Florida = Once again Verizon comes out on top.

Georgia = In Georgia, Verizon hands the competition a goose egg by taking the lead in all six categories.

Hawaii = Verizon is the victor, beating everyone in all categories and tying with AT&T for texting service.

Idaho = Verizon made mashed potatoes out of the competition by leading in five of the six areas.

Illinois = This state was a tough fight. AT&T and Verizon tied in four categories, but Verizon won in the other two, making them the winner.

Indiana = AT&T takes the win by tying with Verizon in one category and leading in three.

Iowa = Verizon dominated by leading in all examined categories.

Kansas = All three major carriers to a little piece of Kansas, but Verizon takes it all as the winner.

Kentucky = Verizon wins again.

Louisiana = This state was another close match with AT&T taking the win by one category over Verizon.

Maine = Verizon takes all six categories for the win.

Maryland = Verizon wins, but barely.

Massachusetts = AT&T leads in five categories and ties with Verizon and Sprint in one.

Michigan = Verizon once again takes the prize.

Minnesota = Verizon has it by leading in four categories and tying with AT&T in two.

Mississippi = Another close one. AT&T leads in two categories, but ties with Verizon in the remaining four, giving AT&T the win.

Missouri = Verizon leads in three and ties in two for the win.

Montana and Nebraska = Both of these states belong to Verizon as it dominated in all six categories in both states.

Nevada = Verizon takes it with a five-category lead.

New Hampshire = It belongs to Verizon who leads in four areas and ties with Sprint in two.

New Jersey = Verizon wins by leading in five categories.

New Mexico = Dominated by Verizon.

New York = Verizon takes it five to one over AT&T.

North Carolina = Once again, Verizon and AT&T slug it out. In the end, Verizon wins 5 to 4.
North Dakota = Verizon wins four categories and ties with AT&T in two.

Ohio = The battle of Ohio ends with a Verizon win.

Oklahoma = AT&T wins out over Verizon.

Oregon = Verizon dominates by leading in five areas and tying with Sprint and AT&T in two.

Pennsylvania = Verizon dominates again.

Rhode Island = AT&T wins hands down.

South Carolina = This state belongs to Verizon.

South Dakota = Verizon dominates by taking all six categories.

Tennessee = It’s Verizon again.

Texas = Texas is a tie between AT&T and Verizon.

Utah = Verizon takes the win.

Vermont = Another state under Verizon’s belt.

Virginia = This was a close battle between Sprint and Verizon with Verizon winning it.

Washington = Another dominating performance by Verizon winning to be the states mobile carrier.

Wisconsin = Verizon it is.

Wyoming = Verizon wins by leading in four categories.

mobile carriers logosSo, overall, who is leading mobile phone carrier in the nation? Verizon would have to be the clear overall winner by being the best provider in 39 states. AT&T won 10, and Verizon and AT&T tied for the top spot in Texas. This only means that Verizon owns a lot more cell towers than AT&T in most states and it seems to be increasing.

There you have it. If you are looking for a new mobile carrier that provides the best service for your state, we hope the above list can help to guide you and your smartphone in the right direction.

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